Houston APT May Program

More of the 8 Cognitive Processes–The More You Explore, The More You Understand — Part II

Phoebe Clark (ENFP) and Liz Meadows (INTJ), Presenters

Saturday, May 18, 2013
Bilingual Education Institute
6060 Richmond Avenue
9:00-9:30 Registration
(guest fee $5)
& Continental Breakfast
9:30 – Noon Program
BYOL at nearby restaurant
(Buy Your Own Lunch)

About the Program

**Discussion was so robust last month, we only had time to explore Perception.  We’ll tackle the Judging processes this month.  It’s not too late to join the conversation!**

One more round of exploration of the eight cognitive functions, with activities to help drive the concepts home.   This time, we’ll toss out the labels and help you decide which of the functions are more easily accessible to you and which are more difficult to use.  We’ll start with the Perception processes and then tackle the Judging processes, tying them together with whole type hierarchies.

About the Presenters

Phoebe Clark (ENFP) is a Career Counselor and owner of Type Interventions. Phoebe’s focus for her work with type is in helping people move beyond crisis management toward self-directed, sustained personal and professional development.  Liz Meadows (INTJ) is a Knowledge Seeker, Project Coordinator, Process Tweaker, Chaos Tamer, and User Experience Librarian. Liz uses type theory every day in trying to enhance her personal and professional relationships.

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