Fri Type Development Conversations – What do we wish we knew about Type?

2013 Type Development Conversations
Fri. Discussion:
What do we wish we knew about Type?

 Friday, September 6, 2013
6:30 – 8:30 PM

Bilingual Education Institute
6060 Richmond Avenue
Second Floor Kitchen

APT Members free, non-members $5

9/6  Discussion

Jungian Typology is a huge subject with lots of pieces.  In addition to instruments such as the Myers-Briggs and Majors Type indicators, there are Jungian instruments like the Singer-Loomis and of course lots of competing views of how to look at innate differences in personality such as the DISC.  We all have many questions about Type both around what it is and about applications.

Come Friday night with your top 2-3 burning questions about Type.  We’ll group them together around common themes and prioritize by participant interest.  Then we’ll tackle them as a group.  Do any of us know about the question?  Do we know someone who does know more about it or a source of research on the topic?

Come and put your heads together and see if we can all expand our horizons.  And if we find out none of us know, we’ll develop a plan for getting more information on the topic for future meetings. 

We will provide coffee, ice tea and light snacks.
Please be sure to register so we know how many to expect.

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