Houston APT September 2014 Meeting

Type, Temperament, Interaction Styles, and Other Personality Models

Barbara Brown (INTJ) Presenter

 Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bilingual Education Institute
6060 Richmond Avenue

9:00  Registration
(guest fee $5 at the door)

& Continental Breakfast

9:30 – Noon Program

BYOL at nearby restaurant

(Buy Your Own Lunch)

Register here

About the Program

“Type, Temperament, Interaction Styles and other Personality Models”

Some of the best work available on Personality Type is by Linda Berens and Dario Nardi.  However, many of us begin to get confused about all the lenses they use to view personality.

We’re more than just our 4 letters.  Types can be placed into subgroups in many ways.  These lenses help us look at what we have in common with other types and more importantly, why.

Join APT Houston for a discussion of how the pieces, such as Temperament, Interaction Styles, fit together to form a whole personality.

About the Presenter

Barbara Brown has applied innovative strategic planning, systems theory and adult development methodologies to design and implementation of complex, multinational IT systems for over 30 years.  She is founder of Technology Transformations, which provides high-end enterprise services, solution-driven process designs and business strategies to SMB clients in carefully targeted, affordable chunks.  We are dedicated to the manifestation of a vibrant Yellow diversity generating response to current economic, political and social conditions.

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