Houston APT May 2015 Meeting

Personalysis: Wired to Thrive

Angela Stauder, Presenter

 Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bilingual Education Institute
6060 Richmond Avenue

9:00  Registration
(guest fee $5 at the door)

& Continental Breakfast

9:30 – Noon Program

BYOL at nearby restaurant

(Buy Your Own Lunch)

About the Program

Everyone wants to thrive. But in a world where rapid, constant change is the norm, the cycles of overwhelm, frustration, busyness and exhaustion run rampant. Thriving can seem like a distant wish as we expend so much of our energy just to keep up.

What if we could find a way to become more resilient and thrive on purpose?

That’s what Personalysis does. The Personalysis profile reveals a unique pattern of personality –individual strengths, needs and tendencies at different times. That personal “wiring” pattern becomes a way for people to understand different aspects of themselves, manage their personal inner diversity and leverage their gifts to take care of what they care about, connect with others, and contribute their best to the world.

In this session, the facilitator will share an overview of the Personalysis system and participants will gain insights into their individual personalities through the lens of the Personalysis profile.

Participants may take the profile at no cost by using this link:


About the Presenter

Angela Stauder is the COO and Vice-President of Organizational, Consulting and Assessment Solutions at Personalysis. She supports organizations and practitioners use the Personalysis profile to develop conscious leaders and collaborative teams to thrive in a VUCA world. Prior to joining Personalysis, she focused on helping people thrive at work in her executive consulting and coaching practice, and prior to that in human resource and organizational development leadership roles in global organizations in multiple industries.

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