Houston APT Summer Meeting — Monday, July 20th 5:30pm

J-P–What Is It, Really?

How It Came About, What It Means, Its Interpretation and Use

Peter Geyer (INTP), Presenter

 Monday July 20, 2015

Spring Branch-Memorial Library
930 Corbindale, Houston, TX 77024

5:30pm  Registration
& Snacks

6:00-8:00pm Program

8:30-? BYOD (Buy Your Own Dinner) at nearby restaurant

About the Program

Peter will discuss his research and interpretation on the J–P scale of the MBTI® including:

  • its origins, purpose, and relationship to C.G. Jung’s theory of psychological types;
  • the distinction between the scale and Jung’s judging and perceiving functions;
  • Isabel Myers’ rationale for the scale and her ideas about perception and judgment;
  • scale items and their arrangements into clusters, subscales, or facets; and
  • the consequent paradox of item responses meaning nothing/something.

The theme is the MBTI is an Indicator of an idea; no statistical material is presented.

About the Presenter

Peter Geyer has researched, presented and written on type for 25 years, and taught authorised MBTI Step I/II courses in Australia.  His informal, informative approach reflects academic qualifications in history, religions, education, organisations and sociology of science, as well as other interests. Peter’s Masters level thesis was “Quantifying Jung: The Origin and Development of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.” A leading thinker in psychological type and personality, Peter likes to investigate new ideas and has even broken new ground from time to time.

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