Houston APT April 2016 Meeting

 “Type, Psychoanalysis & Meditation”

by Polly Young-Eisendrath PhD
Facilitated and commented by Haro Yacoubian

 Saturday, April 16, 2016
Bilingual Education Institute
6060 Richmond Avenue
9:00—9:30   Registration (guest fee $5)
&Continental Breakfast
9:30—12:30        Program
BYOL at nearby restaurant
(Buy Your Own Lunch)

About This Meeting
The subject will cover broadly Counseling, Coaching, and Psychotherapy / Personal Development, Health, and Spirituality and tagged items of Extraversion, functions, Introversion, meditation, mindfulness, Se, transcendent function.

You are encouraged to read the article titled “Type, Psychoanalysis & Meditation” interview and discussion found online at http://typeindepth.com/2010/11/personality-type-psychoanalysis-and-meditation/ This article is an interview with the author Polly Young-Eisendrath, PhD who is a public speaker, a Jungian analyst, and a psychologist from the University of Vermont.

We will explore, discuss and comment on the subject at the meeting.

About The Facilitator
Haro Yacoubian is a communicator, project manager, designer, colorist, painter and photographer. He studies Eastern traditions and Western understanding of ancient and modern psychology and neuroscience. He is a meditator of several decades and a Zen Buddhism practitioner.  He has been studying psychological types for appreciating personality types, relationships, communication styles and, emotional intelligence.

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