Houston APT May 2016 Meeting

 Jung’s Practice of Active Imagination

Presented by Sharon Wallace, Ph.D.

Saturday, May 21, 2016
Bilingual Education Institute
6060 Richmond Avenue
9:00—9:30   Registration (guest fee $5)
&Continental Breakfast
9:30—12:00        Program
BYOL at nearby restaurant
(Buy Your Own Lunch)

About The Program
Active imagination is a therapeutic practice in analytical psychology in which emotions, fantasies, and spontaneously occurring images are given form through artistic expression and engaged in dialogue for the purpose of understanding their symbolic meaning. Jung developed this imaginal process experientially through his own self-healing during a troubled period in his life following his break with his mentor, Freud, and later incorporated it into his analytic work.

In Jung on Active Imagination, Joan Chodorow writes, “Jung’s analytic method is based on the natural healing function of the imagination. . . . All the creative art psychotherapies (art, dance, music, drama, poetry) as well as Sandplay can trace their roots to Jung’s early contribution.”

Jung held that continued practice not only widens one’s consciousness but also develops the inner capacity to break one’s dependence on an analyst to mediate the process, thereby “attaining liberation by one’s own efforts and . . . finding the courage to be oneself.”

In this overview, participants will learn about and discuss the process, background, theory, and some applications of active imagination.

About The Speaker
Sharon Wallace, PhD is a management and organization effectiveness consultant, executive coach, speaker, writer, and musician. She has over 20 years of consulting experience internationally and holds a PhD in Depth Psychology, an MBA concentrated in Management Information Systems, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Flute Performance. Her doctoral research involved understanding the psychology of communities through a Jungian lens. She holds a certificate in organization design, is an MBTI® Master Practitioner, President of the APT eChapter, and a member of the APTi board of directors. If you plan to attend the OD Network Conference in Atlanta this October, look for Sharon’s session entitled: “Ruled by the Tools: A Case for Personal Accountability in the Digital Age.”

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