Houston APT September 2017 Meeting

Psychological Type in Ordinary Experience

Julian Brown (ENTP) Facilitator

 Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bilingual Education Institute
6060 Richmond Avenue

9:15-10:00  Registration
(guest fee $5 at the door)

& Continental Breakfast

10:00 – Noon Program

BYOL at nearby restaurant

(Buy Your Own Lunch)

About the Program

At some level we are aware that we do not experience an event in the same way. The fact of variation in experience will be this meetings topic. Through a facilitated discussion we will explore three aspects of experience:

  1. How my psychological type affects my experience
  2. How I react to the expression of experience from others
  3. How I accommodate or expect to be accommodated differences in experience.

The framework for the discussion will be basic Jungian psychological functions and John Beebe’s eight function model. The model experience will be: the weather.

About the Facilitator

Julian Brown has studied psychological type and used it in facilitation, management, and consulting for 20 years. He was introduced to the Dialog method in 1996 and has practiced it since then to facilitate understanding, study, and questioning.

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