Houston APT October 2017 Meeting

Two Streams in the River of Psychological Type

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bilingual Education Institute

6060 Richmond Avenue

9:00—9:30   Registration (guest fee $5& Continental Breakfast

9:30—12:00        Program

BYOL at nearby restaurant

(Buy Your Own Lunch)

 About the Program

 We are approaching the one-hundred-year anniversary of the publication of Psychological Type by Carl G. Jung. Since publication, the psychological types introduced by Jung have developed along two streams. One stream is represented by the evolution of Jungian psychoanalysis. The other stream formed when Isabel Briggs abandoned her typology and adopted Jungian psychological type as the basis for the MBTI.

This month’s meeting will be a facilitated discussion led by Julian Brown that explores how the Jungian river split into two separate streams of thought and study, significant landmarks on the two streams, and even the different climates of the two streams. One significant landmark is a point where the two streams meander close enough for a “land bridge” between the mainstream MBTI stream and the tributary of the Jungian stream represented by the Eight Function Model developed by psychoanalyst John Beebe.

The topics of the conversation will explore three areas:

  • What is described in Psychological Type?
  • How does MBTI break from Psychological Type to form the new stream?
  • How does MBTI type development lead to crossing the land bridge to the Eight Function Model?

 About the Facilitator

 Julian Brown has studied psychological type and used it in facilitation, management, and consulting for 20 years. He was introduced to the Dialog method in 1996 and has practiced it since then to facilitate understanding, study, and questioning.

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