Spotting and Influencing Judgers vs. Perceivers–free webinar from TypeCoach, November 15, 2017



Spotting and Influencing Judgers vs. Perceivers:
How to Bridge the Gap with Colleagues, Clients and Family

After training more than 90,000 people in how to communicate with different personality types, we have found that the dynamic that tends to cause the most day-to-day headaches (as well as many good laughs) is how differently Judgers and Perceivers like to approach time.

You’ll walk away with two new skills that are only applicable in virtually every interaction with everyone you know:

  • the ability to quickly identify a Perceiver vs. a Judger based on clues in their behavior, speech, demeanor, etc
  • the ability to make easy adjustments in your approach to get the best response from Judgers vs. Perceivers to your ideas, feedback, instructions, sales pitch, etc

The webinar includes complimentary access to the full suite of TypeCoach tools, including Type-to-Type. This tool provides communication advice based on the unique combination of any two personality types (ie. ENTJ with INFP).


November 15, 2017 12:00-12:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

Reserve a spot here:

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